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About Us

TRS serves growing entrepreneurial organizations to help:

  • -Identify sales opportunity
  • -Expand Reach
  • -Fortify Positioning

thHistory of TRS… In 2009, it began with a series of online sales training courses that grew into the creation of software resources to help mid-sized business sales and marketing teams improve their prospecting and retention of clients. In serving in multiple brands throughout the training and development industry, TRS is continuing to push the envelope of growth. As of 2013, TRS formalized its affiliated publishing and training divisions under one awesome roof.

What does TRS do? Simple. If you are struggling to grow – we make that easy! Enough Said!

Are we a fancy big time consulting agency? Nope. But we definitely take what we do seriously and what’s more serious than results? Contact us if your organization is ready to:

  • -get more leads
  • -hit bigger numbers with sales
  • -whip the sales team into shape
  • -increase profitablility
  • -go big
  • -level up
  • -rock out

Contact us for a free strategy session today and we will start mapping it out together.