The TRS Difference

Are You a True RockStar?

Here is what TRS can do For You:

    • Custom Training
    • Simple Business Process Solutions
    • Maximize Exposure
    • Content and Media Development
    • Technology Implementation
    • Growth Made Easy



Ready for the NEXT LEVEL?

If your business is growing with ease, your team is in place, and you have the ability to quickly reach a large targeted audience in an instant, you are a RockStar Business! If not, we need to talk…

TRS Works with entrepreneurial organizations to develop better sales strategies and positioning. When TRS gets on board, get ready to buckle in tight. We believe that speed and aggressiveness are paramount to success. In working together, we move fast to help your organization and brand dominate. That’s just how we roll!

We work with businesses like yours to increase exposure, simplify the customer acquisition and retention process, and help you get maximum exposure… Give us a call and one of our consultants will begin to lay out a plan that gets you to the next level.

Let’s Rock!


TRS serves growing entrepreneurial organizations to help:
  • Identify sales opportunity
  • Expand Reach
  • Fortify Positioning
History of TRS… In 2009, it began with a series of online
sales training courses that grew
into the creation of software resources to help
mid-sized business sales and marketing
teams improve their prospecting and retention of clients.

In serving in multiple brands throughout the training
and development industry,
TRS is continuing to push the envelope of growth.
As of now, TRS formalized its affiliated publishing
and training divisions under one awesome roof.

What does TRS do?
Simple. If you are struggling to grow
– we make that easy! Enough Said!


Ready to Rock?

Get in touch when you are ready to...

    • get more leads
    • hit bigger numbers with sales
    • whip the sales team into shape
    • increase profitablility
    • go big
    • level up
    • rock out

    Contact us for a free strategy session today
    and we will start mapping it out together.

    Phone: 949-490-7837
    TRS Wyoming HQ: 1603 Capitol Ave. Suite 314 -329 Cheyenne, WY 82001
    TRS Main Office: 9891 Irvine Center Dr. #200 Irvine, CA 92618
    TRS Texas Office: 7001 Hansell Rd. Plano, TX 75024